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Cool Consultancy BV - Transit via Russia


Region: Europe / Russia / CIS
City: Vlissingen / St. Petersburg
Address: Vlissingen, Industrieweg 1-3, The Netherlands
Contact phone numbers: + 7 911 701 0693
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Information about services:

Transit of "Under Control" goods entered in Embargo List of Russian Federation from the countries of EC
via the territory of the "Customs Union" (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan) to the third countries!

Since August, 01, 2016 all goods entered in the Russian Federation Embargo List and considered as "Under Control" ones can be free carried
from the countries of EC in/via the territory of the "Customs Union" in the territories of third countries as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc.

The transit of the above goods is being carried out by Cool Consultancy B.V. (The Netherlands) after the relevant accreditation
in the Electronic control System "Mercury" according to all requirements and permits received from all governmental structures.

Electronic Control System "Mercury" allows to obtain quick and secured transit and carriage of all goods by all means of transport in accordance with
the coordinated route and exclude any delay related to the carriage of such goods via all check points on the borders of the Customs Union.
Please do not hesitate to contact Cool Consultancy  B.V.:

The Netherlands:
+ 31 612 201920 / e-Mail:
+ 31 637 286266 / e-Mail:

+ 7 911 701 0693 / e-Mail:
+ 7 921 964 9760 / e-Mail:
+ 7 921 770 3132 / e-Mail:

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