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R and S -phrases
Several indications of risks under certain conditions:
R1: Explosive when dry
R2: Risk of explosion by shock
R5: Heating may cause an explosion

Indication of advises, how to keep a certain material:
S1: Keep locked up
S2: Keep out of reach of children
S3: Keep in cool place

The complete list of R- and S-Phrases is available under column “labelling”:
RoRo –Traffic / Roll-on/Roll off
Ro-Ro traffic is a special mode of transport of containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers and trucks on the waterway, i.e. the cargo is loaded on trucks or rail wagons. It enters and leaves the vessel rolling on and rolling off.
It is a very efficient mode of transport with ferries and following hinterland transport on own axles. Consequently no lifting equipment in ports is needed.